Free Cities

Summary since last Summary:

Andrei and Elithomiel created a medical drip thing and strapped a potion of cure light wounds to it to help Andrei when he magically removed his armour (which he was bonded to) and passed out from the pain. The tavernkeep was unimpressed however.
Players then had a day to do stuff. Rana commissioned studded leather bear armour and people did shopping in the rich district mostly.
Seth’s Ravens return later that day with a new member, a large middle aged man with a big bushy black beard called Sigismund. Seth says that Stephan went back to Dhirim to help coordinate the resistance movement there.
Over a few beers, Sigismund explained that he’s a former Inquisitor for the United Church and that Seth’s Ravens rescued him from a dungeon where he was imprisoned for heresy. He disapproves of what the Church has become and now works with Seth and Erik to bring them down a few notches.
People discussed their plans with Erik in the tavern and, on the tavernkeeper’s direction, went to the Minor’s Tavern (they don’t serve miners) to talk to the leader of a large mercenary company. There Elithomiel talks to Matthias Von Braun, leader of the Half Swords and they bond over a few drinks.
However, in the middle of the night, assassin-like people storm the tavern with cloths drenched in Liquid Midnight (what I’m renaming Drow poison because Drow don’t exist. So far…). They burst into the room of a sleeping Susan, Shimmer and Erik and attempt to knock out all 3. Susan barely resists the effect of the drug and mounts a resistance as the guys try to escape with Erik and Shimmer. Susan’s cries awake Seth, Grigor and Marisa just in time, and they come out to help.

The guys bundle Erik and Shimmer into the 2 waiting carriages just as the rest of the party return. Mara climbs onto the top of one carriage as it passes and Elithomiel murders and replaces the driver of the carriage with Erik and Shimmer inside. Susan attempts to jump on the back of Erik’s carriage, but fails, while Rana grabs her horse and Andrei grabs the wagon. As Rana passes Susan, she grabs her and pulls her onto the horse.
The resulting chase ends up with Mara fighting against 3 on the top of one carriage and Elithomiel using his mutagen powers to tear off the top of his carriage and attacking the people inside with support from Susan and Rana, while Andrei uses the wagon to crush the bones of those who fall off, who are then finished off the bear.
Mara tries to jump carriages, but is tripped by one of the guys she’s fighting, falls and only just managed to escape being trampled by Andrei’s Wagon. Susan jumps onto the carriage with Elithomiel, but is forced off and almost dies. One carriage escapes with 3 guys left alive. Andrei gathers up 9 Secret Police badges and the party decides to leave the bodies in the street.
After bundling all the unconscious people into the wagon, the Players and Seth’s Ravens move to another tavern, one filled with people in black robes called The Dark Soul, and when Seth decides to take Shimmer and Erik to a nicer tavern, Elithomiel, still in mutagen form, punches Seth in the face.
A short fight ensues where Elithomiel is knocked unconscious by Grigor and Seth’s Ravens take Shimmer with them to a nicer tavern.
Erik cries out in the morning when he regains consciousness and the Players relate what happened, emphasising that they did more work than Seth’s Ravens and that they should be fired. Seth’s Ravens appear shortly after with Shimmer and everyone discusses their next move.
It’s determined that Erik, the Players, Shimmer and Ewan will head to a meeting with Matthias Von Braun at the Half Swords Chapterhouse and then head to the Hart estate to handle Shimmer’s ransom, while Seth and Marisa decide to disguise themselves as Erik and Shimmer respectively and try to throw the Secret Police off their trail.
The Players easily secure a contract with the Half Swords and manage to convince Earl Hart to support Erik at the upcoming meeting. The Earl is even nice enough to offer his guest wing to Erik and his retainers.
The next morning Shimmer, Erik and Seth’s Ravens decide to talk to the other Mage Lords to secure their aid, while the Players decide to track down Dimitri in the city. Upon reaching the city, everyone realises the maids are missing. Rana tracks down the maids, one of whom has been murdered (Hildy) and the other (Elsa) was found hiding in a barrel in an alleyway, whom Susan escorts back to the Hart Estate. A combination of asking around and Rana’s tracking skills reveal the main hideout of the Black Scarf Gang and Mara goes in alone and murders 3 of them while they sleep and loots the place.
The rest of the party realise they’re being followed by the Secret Police (again) and Elithomiel beats one up, while two of them walk up to Rana and Andrei after they buried Hildy outside the walls and tells them that the head of the Secret Police wants to talk to them. Everyone meets the head of the Secret Police, though Susan and Mara are rather late, who is an elf woman called Natasha the Dragon who tells the party that the Secret Police attack the other night was not on her orders and she mentions that the Secret Police are having to work with Dimitri. Elithomiel offers for the party to work with the Secret Police and thus the Party receives another attaché in the form of Secret Police Lieutenant Jayne Buvont. Mara mentions the Black Scarf hideout and Natasha says that they will raid the place with the Players the following night, after the Secret Police do their own investigations, checking, paperwork, etc.
The players then returned to The Dark Soul tavern for the night.


The players found themselves block by a customs checkpoint and decided to forge documentation and make Erik and Shimmer invisible. The plan went off almost without a hitch as Shimmer almost escaped Erik, but everyone managed to get through. As everyone else was getting through, the players saw a group of dwarves being refused entry on the basis of them being dwarves, which caused them to draw their weapons. The situation was defused by Elithomiel and Mara.
After reuniting with Shimmer and Erik, Shimmer demanded that the players return her to her uncle’s estate, while Erik said everyone should continue to Garrodh. And everyone agreed to continue to Garrodh.
On the way, the Players saw a wagon being led by suspicious/shifty dwarves with odd alchemical smells coming from it. Elithomiel tried to get suspicious alchemy supplies, but was interrupted by Shimmer shouting that the players were the secret police. The dwarves tried to leave, but were stopped by Andrei, who also ‘died’ in the ensuing fight against the dwarf thugs and gnome alchemist.
Players are currently in the Duke’s Disrepute tavern with a new wagon. Shimmer, Elithomiel and Andrei are staying in the wagon, while everyone else has rented tavern rooms.

The Story So Far

The players were hired as guards (mostly) for a merchant caravan in the city of Elipe, working for Erik Von Drake. The caravan took a circuitous route through the Gloomwood and was under repeated attacks by bandits. Sgt Wye Fye betrayed Erik during one of these raids and Alessia the Paladin stole the Alessian Star from Erik’s personal caravan.
Alessia escaped and the players, joined by Erik raced to the city of Dhirim for Erik to report the loss of the artifact to his grandfather and head of the Von Drake merchant family, Johann Von Drake the Greater.
Johann the Greater sent Erik and the players to undergo a trial in the Von Drake catacombs to prove himself worthy as heir. Things didn’t go quite as expected, but Erik and the players were successful after they met The ‘First’.
The players then made themselves at home at Erik’s manor.
The players investigated a mysterious warehouse that housed a slaver ring led by Sarah ‘Shimmer’ Hart and met Andrei and captured Shimmer.
Ignoring a warning about a second warehouse, the players investigated a Church safehouse and killed the people there. There was a series of explosions at the docks and Dhirim burned. returning to the Von Drake estate revealed a coup led by Elissa Von Drake and Karlos Von Blacke who allied with Dimitri.
The players fled with Erik and his remaining staff and are now heading to the city of Garrodh and are now trying to get through a customs checkpoint and over the border.


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