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One would think that a life of undeath and suffering would hinder one’s life, but Andre seems to take it in his stride. A broad large man covered in horrifically scarred and marred flesh, he conceals his appearance beneath a antique suit of full plate mail and helmet. He often carries a pungent aroma of spoiled flesh, which he hides though judicious application of sunflower perfume soaked bandages. He speaks loudly and without any concept of stealth or discretion. Unobservent, absent minded and prone to distraction, his purpose seems unclear, other than to worship the majesty of the sun. He also seems to hold a particular grudge against necromancers and slavers, being on a loose crusade against said practices.

Any questions upon his past are met with boisterous laughter and comments upon how he was reborn through the sun- further questioning, he will admit he does not actually know- his first memory is that of climbing from a shallow grave on a battlefield, and being overcome by the light of the sun. He also seems hazy on just how long he has been wandering, or even what year it is. His armor seems rather out of place in style, and would be regarded as a valuable antique, if not for its condition.

Andrei also has another suspicion he is yet to voice or fully put to the test- That his undeath prevents his true death, and some force is keeping him tethered to the world, no matter how serious his injuries. His hazy memories seem disjointed and jump long periods of time, and he feels that his encounter with the gnome was not the first time he has died.

Despite not being the brightest, Andrei has demonstrated a remarkable skill set, ranging from being a skilled fighter and healer, interrogator and diplomat, medical pioneer, cart driver and pioneer of the art of “battle carting”. Also currently exploring his musical talent, making his own hymns and songs devoted to praising the sun. Most however, come across as a fusion between poorly performed classical Italian opera, and traditional choral hymns, all performed to the tunes of current popular tavern songs.

Also turns out full plate helmets aren’t the greatest acoustics, a fact Andrei still seems unaware of.

After his near death experience from a grenade now suffers
Clouded Vision: can’t see beyond 30ft
Partially Deaf: -2 Initiative, -5 to all perception/hearing skills
-1 Dex
-1 Con
fear of fire: will save to not become shaken when fighting in/near/around fire
hatred of gnomes


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