Rana Blackbriar

Nat's Ranger. Grumpy archer lady.


Lvl. 5 Ranger

Favoured Enemy: Undead (creepy fuckers), Humans (too many fucking bandits)

Animal Companion: Grumbles the murderbear


A farm girl from the lands around Elipe, she grew up the youngest in a large family. Her many older brothers used to amuse themselves by telling her scary stories about ghosts and vampires, leading to a deep-seated hatred of the undead. She would often skive off chores at the family farm to wander the nearby woods, searching for wild animals and generally enjoying being in the heart of nature. Once, on one of these ventures, her foot slipped while climbing a tree and she broke her leg. In the middle of the forest, with no one knowing where she was and herself unable to walk, she could only helplessly wait as the cold seeped in and the shadows grew long.

Fortunately, Kurt the local woodsman happened to come across her as he was hunting game, and he patched up her wounds and brought her back home. Since that day she began hero-worshipping him, and would tag along behind him until the gruff ranger grudgingly taught her the lore of the wild and the way of the hunter.

Her goal in life is to explore the kinds of far-flung and exotic places she’s only heard about in stories. Maybe one day she’ll even see a jungle. However, such a plan would require considerable monetary resources, so when she heard of a well-paying caravan guard job in the area, she eagerly signed up.

Animal companion is her beloved bear, Grumbles. Also owns a pet raccoon, Boo.

Proponent of diplomacy by means of kobold moonshine.

Slowly becoming disillusioned with druids.

BFFs: Quint the dancing “indentured servant” cough cough, Elsa the animu maid, Sarah the tsundere, Ewan the kid, and possibly Sebastian the hobo-druid and Sir our new secret police bff.

Enemies: That fucking bitch Marisa, who is a disgrace to the name of nature classes everywhere.

Rana Blackbriar

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