Elithomiel dam Marenhide

Tom's character - Alf Elchemist and possible lycanthope


Character Sheet [pdf]

Quick Summary woo
HP 23
STR 14 | DEX 16 | CON 11 |INT 20 | WIS 13 | CHA 15
Dem Stats. Totally ridiulous. I have another sheet rolled, but GM tells me to keep these :)

FORT: +4 | REF +7 | WILL + 2
AC 17 | Tch 13 | FF 14

Melee is 6 & 1d82 with Masterwork Longsword
Ranged is 6 & 1d8 with Longbow, or +7 and 2d45 with Bombs

Beast Form is 4 STR and -2 INT, with +2 Natural Armour and some Natural Attacks.
Melee is +7/
7/7 with two 1d64 claws and a 1d8+4 bite.
Ranged is same with Longbow, and 2d4+4 with bombs.

Bluff & Diplo 9
Sense Motive +1 [Don’t know what’s happening? Just bluff erryday]
Intimidate +2 [
4 when mad]
Knowl. Arcana + 9 & Religion +6
Perception & Stealth +10
Spellcraft +11


Elithomiel was born the son of a blacksmith in the city of Vavatch, and though he learned some of the trade from his father, hard work behind the forge was never really his forte.
Instead, Elithomiel spent his childhood in alleys and markets, pickpocketing and stealing trinkets and snacks whenever they wouldn’t be noticed.

After an embarassing incident involving an unusually perceptive baker, Elithomiel’s parents shipped him off to his uncle, with the desperate hope that life on the road as a travelling merchant would teach him some life lessons.

And teach him it did. His uncle’s command over the small group of traders inspired Elithomiel, and he set to learn from his uncle’s apparent mastery of leadership and salesmanship. On the road Elithomiel also discovered his knack for tongues, and he quickly learned the languages of his fellow traders, and from the villagers he met.

Years with the caravan wore on Elithomiel’s patience however, and he began seeking new avenues for status and profit. An encounter with an exceptionally powerful mage led Elithomiel to an interest in the arcane arts, but after a number of frustratingly failed attempts at self-taught magic (and a few ill-advised attempts at spellbook thievery) he decided to leave his apprentiship with his uncle and find training as a wizard.

The next time the caravan passed through Vavatch, Elithomiel used what little money and skills he’d acquired to bribe, bluff and forge his way into the noble’s mages college. He didn’t last long.

A few months into his training, Elithomiel had picked up a few minor cantrips and a passion for alchemy and potionmaking. He also discovered his first true love: explosives. An (arguably successfuly) experiment cut his time at the college short, as well as cutting the college short by a few stories, and setting fire to one of the towers.

Immediately expelled and subjected to ridiculous fines and damage bills, he quickly developed a distaste for nobility and mages, who simply didn’t know progress when it blew up in their faces. The debt-collectors they sent just helped expedite his decision to leave them to their college and hit the road again.

Signing on to a long series of caravans and travelling parties, Elithomiel spent the next few years moving from town to town attempting to expand his knowledge of alchemy and potionmaing wherever he could. His breakthrough in a physical-enhanement formula sparked his decision to sign on as a mercenary sword-for-hire, and his current employment with the Von Drake family, though he’s still trying to work out the kinks in this particular formula.

Elithomiel dam Marenhide

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